Sunday, 18 November 2012

awak, saya dan FACEBOOK


Good evening to all my beloved readers..Hum,,petang-petang baru balik class HSR ni..Tiba-tiba I teringat 3 tahun yang dulu..Biar I cuba imbau or backforward  what was happened 3 years before..

You know what,,how the first time i know him..My mysterious senior..We know each other from facebook..About a year we just know each other there..This happened like it was an accident and unlogical and i just cant believe it..How come I can be friend with someone that I don’t know who he is..Im not that type that to be friend which whose those I don’t know..

But this what we call
fate maybe..Maybe..
Hurm,,actually we only contact through the facebook without changing our number phone..My perception about him in our short relationship..He was so nice  for me..Understanding..And I feel comfortable to chat with him..Eventhough just know each other through facebook..

And the important thing,,when he don’t chat or reply my chat..Im getting missed him..Ohh no!..And sometime im always waiting for him to send chat even just to say ‘Hi’ for me..Waiting day by day make me feel suck..I really missed when his getg far from me..Is it what we call love?..Or im in love with him?..Ahhh,the truth is i want to getting know about him more and more..Hehe..(BLUSHING)..

On our first chat,,I don’t know he was my senior..And sorry because I cant remember how I know he is my senior..But I think,,he the one who told me..Erkkk,,maybe..Hihi^^..I try to found who was him..
But im failed :(..Geramnyaaaa!..Tahu tak wak?..
You all fikir lah,,how come I tak geram..Dia boleh kenal I,,but I don’t know who is he..Haa,if you all,you all mesti geram jugak kan?..kan?..But its okay..I know that,,one day i will know who you are..One bright day..I ill wait that day..
Ok lah,,sampai sini sahaja lah ya?..kita jumpa di sambungan coretan saya yang seterusnya..Take Care there :)..


*ILOVEYOUSOMUCH and thanks for being special in my life :D

Friday, 16 November 2012

Im back,,Cik Tieya^^


Hai u all..Hai readers..Firstly, i like to said sorry because in this blog im using ‘bahasa rojak’..Im newbie!..So,sifu-sifu out there..’Tunjuk ajarku sifu!’..hehe..And sorry for my english language too,,because im not really good in English..hehe^^..

Okay,,u all can just call me cik 20 and simple person..And I was born in 31st of August 1992..Merdeka Merdeka!..Ohhh,,i love MALAYSIA so much!..Okay,this is a lil about me :)..

Mesti ada orang yang dah biasa dengan blog I ni kan?..Memanglah..Actually,before I aktif dengan blog ni..But since when HE gone..I dh delete all posts i kat sini..Well,,blog ni memang I buat sebab dia dan untuk dia..But now,,I terfikir untuk aktifkan balik untuk mengisi masa lapang I..

Hum,,I hope dia bahagia dengan sesiapa pun pasangannya yang sekarang..Dengarnya ada GF hawt sexay sexay sekarang?..Ya ke?..Bagus la..As long as u happy,,im happy for u too..Masing-masing pun dah ada kehidupan sendiri kan..Kenangan yang ada biarlah berlalu dengan kenangan kan?..
Okay lah,I rasa sampai sini je coretan I..I pun nak siap2 semula berangkat ke Kedah Darul Aman..
So,,hope we ll see to the next posts..Tengs for spend your time here readers..