Saturday, 15 December 2012


-ku pilih hatimu..tak pernah ku ragu-
-aku mahu dia milik ku,ku harap semua pun tahu-
-aku tak akan berhenti menemani dan menyanyangimu..hingga matahari tak terbit lagi-
*antara lagu yang aku duk nyanyi la sejak dua menjak ni..berlagu-lagu bermelodi berirama hatiku ni..hehe..

Assalamualaikum all my reader here,there or anyway..heee^^..
We meet for once again..Syukur we still alive :)
Hum,posts before we had forward last 3years right?..but today,this minute,this second..
I ll talk about now,here,this minute,this second..
And what i want to say,
i love you so much my much..cause you are my everything Y

He the pass 3years, i ONLY can call,text,see..See from here,there anywhere without holding..,,this minute,second i can holding his hand..and I hope forever i can hold your hand,,Insyaallah..
Thanks so much for spending your time for my sembreak..and for our sweetsour honeymoon at was so amazing..and im not just a building in a castle anymore..
I really appreciate it..I hope our love ll stand forever..
Okay la till here..see you all in  next update..Hope you all happy always and those who fall in love..I ll pray for your happiness too..Insyaallah..
Take Care there..Enjoy your day..

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